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Featured Blog at!!!!

Vote For Use @ Top Mommy Blogs

Have you noticed the picture above on my blog before?  Over at the side?

Clicking on that little picture allows you to vote for me at  I aimlessly wandered over there tonight and saw that yours truly had the featured working mom blog on the site!!  I think that’s pretty cool!!!

Feel free to vote for me once a day!!!

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BABIES: Movie Premieres on Mother’s Day, May 7th


Have you heard about the Babies movie?  It chronicles day-to-day life of 4 babies living in vastly different regions of the world.  From Mongolia, Namibia, Japan & San Francisco, you can watch as the little ones grow up in their environments and very unique challenges.

Check out a preview of the movie below!!

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Super Bowl

Super Bowl Super Bowl!! Who you rooting for???

We’re rooting for the Colts tonight.  And we’re hoping to actually watch some of the game this year unlike last year when Brooke was going through a rough sleeping stage and we spent the whole night trying to get her to sleep.

Hope you enjoy your Super Bowl Festivities!!!  Go Peyton!!!  Go Colts!!!

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You Capture – Faces!!!

I’m going to give this a try!! Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry hosts a weekly photo challenge called You Capture. This week’s theme is Faces. And what face do I capture more than any other?????????

YouCapture 02.04.2010

YouCapture2 02.04.2010

YouCapture3 02.04.2010

I’m looking forward to trying more of these challenges!!



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Grocery Trippin’ 1/31/10

I sent Keith to the grocery store yesterday armed with the grocery list I worked very hard on. Kroger has their Mega Sale Event going on and I wanted to take advantage. I think I did a pretty decent job…


With paper coupons, Shortcuts coupons, & the Mega Savings Event…our $122 grocery bill ended up at $67!!!!

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