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Before Brooke and I left to visit my family in Michigan, I placed an order from  I was pretty excited about it because I was able to get such a great deal!

Even though I’m pretty sure I forgot to go through Shop At Home when I actually placed my order (ugh!!), it was a great deal.  And I couldn’t believe the shipping was so fast!!  I hit submit at 9am and by 11am, I got a shipping confirmation!  Wow!!  It was on Grandma & Grandpa’s doorstep less than 48 hours later!

Now I’ve found that there is a rebate offer out there too.  On the surface, its offering a free magazine subscription, but if you keep reading you see that they’ll send you a check for $14.97 if you fill out this rebate form.

So here’s a quick recap:

Use code: TIREDMOMMY to get $10 off your first order of $49 or more.

Then use code: 10PERCENT to get 10% off everything except diapers and formula.

Then after you get your order send in the rebate form to  get $ 14.97.

And if you’re smarter than me, you’ll remember to go to Shop At Home first so you can get 3.5% of your order back.

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Great deals at!

Brooke and I are headed up to Michigan next week to visit my family.  On these trips instead of dealing with packing diapers, wipes and those types of things, I buy online and have them shipped to my parent’s house.  Last time I went through Amazon but noticed they weren’t offering cashback at Shop At Home so I started looking for alternatives.  Am I glad I did!!!  I had heard of but hadn’t really checked them out.  I found codes that got me $10 off my order for being a new customer, 10% off everything but diapers, wipes & formulas PLUS there were online instant coupons for Pampers!!  I also saw that they accept manufactuers’ coupons & formula checks – you just have to mail them in!  Last but not least, there is free shipping for orders of $49 or more!

You can get the great deals too!!

Go to

Shop to your heart’s desire.

Enter in code TIREDMOMMY to get $10 off your order of $49 or more.

Use code 10PERCENT to get 10% off your order excluding diapers, wipes & formula.

I bought diapers, wipes and some cold weather gear for Brooke…my $62 order became $48.50!  Plus, I’ll get 1.5% back through Shop At Home.


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San Antonio, part 1

Once we realized that UH wouldn’t be playing in the Liberty Bowl on Jan 2nd, we started talking about seeing MSU in the Alamo Bowl. The biggest obstacle would be that the game started too late to take Brooke plus we weren’t sure we wanted to tackle a 3 hour road trip with our little Munch. So we were super excited when my friend Rocio offered to watch Brooke that night.

So we quickly booked a hotel room (big thumbs up to Hotwire for another great deal on an awesome hotel!!) and got in touch with Keith’s contact in the MSU ticket office. We were ready!!

Saturday afternoon Rocio came over, loaded up her car with Brooke’s pack n’ play, stroller, hook-on chair and car seat. She had to be wondering what she got herself into at the point! HAH!! Once they were set and on their way, Keith and I hit the road as well.

As anyone who takes a road trip in or through Texas will tell you, if there’s a Buc-ee’s on your way, you HAVE to stop.  And the one on I-10 between Houston & San Antonio is AWESOME!!!

We took our potty breaks, browsed through the shop, and bought our snacks (jalepeno cheddar sesame sticks-our tradition) we were on our way to finish our trek to San Antonio!!!

To be continued….

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