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Wordless Wednesday – Sheed


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What are we doing out here Mom?

The meal plan for the week has long flew out the window.  In my defense, it was not for lacking of trying!  Monday I had not anticpated a stop at CVS for a prescription to take close to an hour.  After trying to keep Brooke occupied there that long, there was no time or energy for dinner preparations.  Daddy brought home Wendy’s.  Fast forward to last night when I had planned to just slide Monday’s dinner of Spaghetti and Meatballs into Tuesday’s slot.  That was until I turned the faucet to get Brooke a drink of water and realized the City was still working outside on a water pipe issue and our water was turned off.  So much for making pasta!  My confession is I probably could have come up with an alternative but at that point, I gave up!!  Last night became pizza! pizza! night at our house and Keith picked up Little Ceasar’s on the way home. 

My favorite quote is by John Lennon…”Life is what happens to while you’re busy making other plans”.  I’m going to keep meal planning but when things don’t work out according to plan, I just gotta go with it!


Now, on to Working Mommy Wednesday!!!

 We had a choice of writing about our favorite or most annoying celebrity or write from our child’s perspective of a time when they had to wonder what the heck her Mom was thinking.  I chose the latter.

Last February in an act of homesick desparation, Brooke and I made the trip back to my hometown in Michigan to visit family & friends.  The February before that I swore that I would NOT be visiting February again.  I like my Texas winters for a reason!!  As mentioned earlier though, I was really homesick so off we went!!

Now Brooke is a native Texan and this would be her first encounter with a Michigan winter.  So of course everyone was excited to see her reaction to the cold and most importantly, snow!! 

One of the last nights of our trip we got Brooke all bundled up and plopped her down on the snow.  I wanted to get pictures so my dad helped her stand up in the snow which was that really crunchy kind that doesn’t really give under your feet.  Standing wasn’t really working too well so we sat her down and I’m sure her butt must have instantly frozen!!  She looked at me with this pitiful face and after a couple more pictures (I’ll admit it!) we headed back inside.  I can only imagine what she must have been thinking and I know she had to wonder what I was thinking…


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Wordless Wednesday – Breakfast by Brooke

Breakfast with Brooke

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I have scars.  I have a scar on my nose from when I went face first into a glass top coffee table as a toddler.  I have a scar on my arm from a silly fight on the school bus in elementary school.  There are probably more that I’m not even thinking of.  They are all either in spots that are easily concealed or that I can’t physically see.

But there’s one scar that I can’t avoid.  Its the scar on the back of my hand from my melanoma excision.  Its been almost 8 months since the surgery and the scar is still red and quite visible.  I’ve browsed the drugstore and looked up natural, alternative remedies to minimize it but ultimately walk away with an “eh, I’ll worry about it later”.

Just writing about this scar is somewhat awkward for me.  In terms of cancer, mine barely counts.  It was classified as stage 0, caught before it spread any further than that one little mole.   So who am I to talk like I survived some battle with cancer?

But that’s not what this scar represents.

When I look at my hand, I see the possibility of a completely different outcome.  I feel lucky, grateful, relieved.  Had I not seen my dermatologist that day, that melanoma most likely would have continued to spread and the nightmare might not have been over with a simple, outpatient procedure.

My scar speaks to the value of early detection and the importance of taking care of yourself.  Do self-exams, see your doctor regularly, know your risk factors, be aware of your body so you know when something’s not right.

What do your scars say?  Do they tell a story?  Teach a lesson?  Make you laugh or cry?

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Wordless Wednesday – Merry Christmas!!


Portraits by Target Studio


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