Gettin’ My Skinny On!!!

Going to Weight Watchers is something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile.  The numbers on the scale have been slowly creeping to a level that I’m just not okay with.  Fortunately, the stars have recently aligned making it silly for me to procrastinate any longer.

I went to my first meeting yesterday and I’m so glad I did!  The leader was very friendly and welcoming.  The members were very interactive and enthusiastic.  It was pretty much the experience I was hoping for.

They recently changed the program and I really like the direction they’ve taken.  The focus is on what I consider healthier foods, not necessarily low-calorie foods.  That probably seems counterintuitive but its really not.  Now ALL fruit and most veggies have PointsPlus Values of 0 so you can use them whenever you want to attack hunger pangs and stay full.  Woot!!  Pass the grapes and baby carrots!!

I’ll keep y’all updated on my progress and share any fun tips and tricks I learn along the way!  Ultimately I’d like to lose about 40 pounds to get myself to a healthier place. You can see ticker below and I’ll also add it to my sidebar. My first tip: take a big drink of water between every bite during a meal. This will keep you eating slower and help increase your water intake!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Was losing weight or getting healthier part of your plan for the new year? Or do you have any tips for me as I start a new weight loss plan?


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  1. Hey well done for joining Weight Watchers! I know loosing weight is not easy, but you’re giving a big step. Wish the best!!

    My name is Corina McCoy. I am the blogger from Money Momma Blog. I write posts on financial matters affecting women. You can check it out at

    I just wanted to say hi and and wish you luck with the success of your blog.


    Corina McCoy

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