How to sleep in with a toddler

Pretty crazy claim, right? Well this is working for us!!
Brooke has gone through all kinds of stages of sleep in her short 2.25 years on this planet.  She was a great sleeper as a newborn, had some struggles around 8-9 month mark, just about the time things got better from that round, we started again with the multiple wake-ups every night.  Finally, we have found something that works but we still had occasional 5-5:30 wake up calls.  So we were super happy when Santa left this under our tree:
Teach Me Time Alarm Clock
The American Innovative Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight* is a night light, teaching clock, alarm clock and just might be the best thing EVER!!! Basically, we set the night light to come at a certain time (for us, 7:30pm). When it does, it shines yellow. We also set a time for it to change to a green light (6:40am on weekdays, 7:00am on weekends). At bedtime, we remind Brooke that its not time to get up until the light is green. It took about two nights for her to really get it but now we are woken up by the sounds of Brooke calling “It’s Geeen, Mommy!! It’s Geeen!!”
Brooke even asked me to use it at naptime and, while its sometimes annoying to program it at both nap & bedtimes, it works so well it would be silly of to not. Its been a great tool to enforce a two hour quiet/nap time every afternoon.
So if you’ve been frustrated by early morning wake-ups or kiddos who have trouble staying down for their naps, I would highly recommend this clock. No one asked me to write about it – I just feel like it would be wrong of me not to share it!!!
*affiliate link

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