No, not the movie.  Although we rented it last week from redbox and it wasn’t too bad.

We bought a dining room table today!!!


For the past five and a half years, we’ve been eating on a little card table and folding chairs.  Totally fitting for my basement apartment when I was living by myself after college.  Now that we’re 30 years old and have a kid, it was starting to feel a little pathetic.  When we saw a Groupon deal offering $200 of furniture for $40, we jumped on it.  And today, with rambunctious toddler in tow, we got ourselves a grown up dining room table!!

Something about all 3 of us being able to sit and have dinner comfortably makes me feel like I’ve got things a little more together.  Except for the fact that our first meal on the new table was Taco Bell drive-thru….as Puss in Boots says in the “Shrek the Halls” (which I don’t think we’ll ever stop watching nightly), “I have shamed myself”.


Have you ever had a defning moment that would seem silly to someone else???


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2 responses to “Grownups!!

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  2. Congratulations on your purchase! Thirty years ago we inherited a family dining table from my husband’s family. It’s a big old Victorian. It only took us 20 years to find a chandelier that we liked. Once we put it up, we installed a dimmer switch. Don’t wait 20 years for a chandelier. Nice lighting is everything. 🙂 Enjoy the table, and your little one!

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