When is Recess?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we still had recess?? Working Mommy Wednesday has us talking about how we lunch at work.

I would imagine my lunchtime is pretty similar to most.  Some days I go out with a coworker, some days when I’m swamped I’ll walk over to the deli in the next building and days like to today, I grab something to eat from the little cafe in Tar-jay while I do some shopping.  Most days though I aim to bring my lunch.  It saves money, its healthier and it appeals to my desire to multi-task because I tend to eat at my desk.

Making my lunch is actually something I really enjoy.  I even have another blog where I showcase the lunches I put together bento-style.  I use different containers and try to make lunches look appealing and use as little waste as possible.

Some favorites…

Pretty BentoDSCF1034Bento 11.03.10

My favorite container is the EasyLunchbox*, the first one pictured above.  They make packing lunches super easy and were invented by a Mom-preneur.  Today (11/10) is the last day you can order a container set and get a FREE cooler bag!!  I think they’re awesome for a busy mom who’s packing lunches for her kids, her husband and/or herself!

*affiliate link


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5 responses to “When is Recess?

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  2. D

    Those containers look awesome, not to mention the food looks great too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i have a friend who is big into bento boxes. don’t have one, but i always pack a lunch. saves money, uses left overs and is way healthier! will have to check those out!! (and i’ll use your affiliate link if i buy! ) 😉

  4. I love Bento boxes – I have three or four that sadly don’t get used anymore.

  5. Wow – you have definately given much thought to your lunch meal planning! I am impressed. Can I come have lunch with you?

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