WMW – I confess…

Today on Working Mommy Wednesday we’re spilling our Mommy confessions.  Here’s my confession:  It can be lonely to have someone with you all the time.

People assume that working moms get all kinds of social interaction while they’re at their jobs but for me, that’s not the case.  I spend a majority of my day in my cubicle staring at a computer screen.  My team works in different locations throughout our region and only a few are in my office.  I’ve had days where I’ve literally not spoken to anyone.

Then I pick up Brooke and come home.  I scramble to make dinner with the kiddo under my feet.  Dinner conversation with a 2 year old is hardly rivoting and usually involves endless requests for Barney.  Then its up to bed for Brooke and I head back downstairs to clean up the kitchen play on the computer or watch TV.

On weekends, I try to come up with fun things for Brooke and I to do.  Many times though, its not worth the effort or I’m trying to either catch up or get ahead on household chores.  In addition, most moms’ groups and playdates I found get scheduled for weekdays when I’m at work.

With Keith’s work schedule there’s not much use in trying to find something to do without the kiddo.  Not to mention the typical working mom guilt trip in my head that makes me want to spend each available moment with her to make up for the times I’m not able.

This post feels like its become a pity party but I just find it ironic that now that I have something in common with so many other women, I feel quite alone.



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3 responses to “WMW – I confess…

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  2. Stopping by from Working Mommy Wednesday. I completely understand! It’s really hard for people to realize that going to work all day is not necessarily “adult time.”

  3. allison

    may I just say that this is the story of my life…except that I talk all day at work (because i have to). But the guilt…oh the guilt…its very much alive. I feel ya…boy, do I!

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