Working Mommy Wednesday – 5 favorite phrases

They say one of the keys to discipline in children is consistency.  Well, it seems I consistently say the same things over and over to Brooke in a given day.  The top 5 things I find myself saying:

  1. That does not belong to you.  Give it back.
  2. Finger out of your nose please!
  3. Did you poop?
  4. Get out of the fridge!
  5. Get your hands out of you hair when you’re eating!

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3 responses to “Working Mommy Wednesday – 5 favorite phrases

  1. I probably could have added, “Did you poop” to my list as well. Sad.

  2. “did you poop??” yes, i say that to both my kids every single day. i’m waiting for the day I don’t have to say that. i fear it won’t be happening soon.

  3. I’ve been saying the finger out of your nose comment a lot lately, too! I’ve come to terms that she must like digging and sometimes just let her dig because she is going to do it anyway ::sigh::

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