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Working Mommy Wednesday – 5 favorite phrases

They say one of the keys to discipline in children is consistency.  Well, it seems I consistently say the same things over and over to Brooke in a given day.  The top 5 things I find myself saying:

  1. That does not belong to you.  Give it back.
  2. Finger out of your nose please!
  3. Did you poop?
  4. Get out of the fridge!
  5. Get your hands out of you hair when you’re eating!

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Wordless Wednesday – N is for Necklace!

I just wanted a picture of the necklace she made for “N” week at school.  Instead I got these….

N is for Necklace

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Featured Blog at!!!!

Vote For Use @ Top Mommy Blogs

Have you noticed the picture above on my blog before?  Over at the side?

Clicking on that little picture allows you to vote for me at  I aimlessly wandered over there tonight and saw that yours truly had the featured working mom blog on the site!!  I think that’s pretty cool!!!

Feel free to vote for me once a day!!!

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Long time, no see

I didn’t realize quite how long of a hiatus from this blog I’d taken but its been over a month!!  In that time, I’ve traveled without Brooke for the first time, became a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, turned 30, and celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary!

Our 4th of July weekend was awesome!!  We spent some quality family time together, played at Pump It Up, had lunch with a friend, and checked out a local splashpad.  We had yummy 4th of July type food and just enjoyed our time together.  We were really sad to see the weekend end.

To celebrate my birthday and our 3rd anniversary, Keith and I are headed to New Orleans this weekend!!  He’s super excited to get me a hand grenade (Lord help me) and show me Bourbon Street as I’ve never been!

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Wordless Wednesday – Wheee!!!


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