20 months old!

Brooke is 20 months old today.  Time is flying while we’re having fun!!


She started a little slow but she has been consistently adding new words to her vocabulary.  We’re not sure whether to attribute that to her new daycare (which we love!) or if something just clicked for her and she was finally ready.  Some favorite words: hi, bye bye, puppy, Sheed, up, sit, baby, nose, ball, shoes, Daddy, Mama…I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

In addition to speaking new words, she’s learning new signs at daycare as well.  She pretty consistently signs "Thank you" without prompting and is getting better with "please".  She’s so polite!!  “More”, “milk”, & “eat” get lots of usage around our house too.

Brooke ReadingShe’s recently become obsessed with books and reading.  She is always coming up to one of us with a book or two in her hand and telling us to “sit”.  It’s hard to say no to that!  On a typical night she takes 3-4 books to bed with her and will read them until she gets tired and finally lays down to go to sleep.

The little things she picks up on just blow our mind.  She noticed that I slap my thigh when I call Sheed so now she does it too.  Combined with how she says “Sheed”, its pretty adorable.

Birds have become a favorite “animal”.  She points them out just about anywhere we are.  One day on the way home from school she spotted a bird in a tree while we were stopped at a traffic light.  Man was she mad at me when the light turned green and I started to drive away.  I even changed her My Pal Violet settings to say her favorite animal is a “bird” and she gets excited to hear Violet say it.

Its been so fun to watch our little sponge soak up everything around her.  I can’t believe she’s only 4 months from being a 2 year old!!!



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2 responses to “20 months old!

  1. Heather

    Happy 20 months Brooke!!!

    I was just talking to Mike yesterday about how Aidan is almost two. It is crazy, they are growing way too fast! :crybaby:

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