Busy, Busy Brooke!

 A lot has been going on for my little Munch!

Daycare transition is going awesome!!  They love her, she seems to be having fun, she’s napping 2+ hours every day (I want their secret!).  So far this week, she read a book about manners, played outside, sang songs during circle time, learned about colors and on and on….I’ve gotten really great feedback from her teachers.  They’ve told me that she follows directions very well, stands up for herself with the other kids, is bright, and today Ms. Ashley told me she loves her outfits.  And most of her cute new stuff from Grandpa & Grandma Marshall & Kasey was in the wash!!

We had a speech therapy evaluation on Tuesday.  While she’s very good a receptive & cognative language skills, her expressive language is a little lacking.  Miss Judy evaluated her and was very impressed with how bright she is (see, we’re not the only ones who think so!) and her problem solving skills.  I talked to her today and she does recommend therapy for a little while but thinks Brooke just needs a little boost.  We think her new, more interactive environment at school will do wonders and we’ve already seen improvement.  We’ve added “Baby” and “Bottle” to our vocabulary this week!!

The TOT Collar for her tort is doing its job apparently.  Miss Mike, her physical therapist, told Keith yesterday that she like what she sees already and to keep at it!  Brooke is still tolerating her “collar time” at home really well and still runs up to me and sits down when I tell her its time to put on her “necklace”.  Hopefully we’ll only need it a little while longer.

We’re looking foward to the UH Spring Game tomorrow. Cheerleader Brooke will be yelling and jumping all over rooting for her Coogs!!!
Cheerleader Brooke


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