Whirlwind Weekend

I think we need a weekend to recover from our weekend.

Saturday morning, Brooke woke us up at 4:30am.  Although she was back asleep in no time, Keith and I never really got back to sleep.  We figured we were up early, why not go out for breakfast?  After filling our bellies at House of Pies, we decided to drive around Pearland.  This is where we are hoping to buy a house next year so we’ve been scoping out areas to figure out exactly where we want to search.

We drove home in a yucky rainstorm, had a quick lunch and Brooke took her nap.  Then it was time for some fun to keep Brooke from remembering she was cranky from waking up so early.  So we made some Rice Krispie Treats.  For extra fun, we made them red!!

2010_04110053 2010_04110054

While we waited to be able to eat them, I got Brooke set up with one of her new fave activities….water play!!  She loves the bubbles and will be occupied forever!!

2010_04110069 2010_04110086

Once Keith got home from work and we got Brooke to bed, we put together dinner.  I came across a blog with a recipe for homemade tortilla bowls and it sounded perfect to spice up our taco salads.  So yummy!!


Unfortunately,  we were woken up at 2:30 Sunday morning to poor Miss Brooke who had gotten sick in her crib.  Once we got everything cleaned up it was close to 4:30am and again, even though Brooke was sleeping, no one else really could.  By late morning, she was thankfully back to her normal self and Mommy and Daddy were having a hard time keeping up with her.  Brooke and I napped together and we all watched The Masters.  Before we knew it, it was bath & bedtime.

Can’t believe its already Monday…and I get to start my week with a dentist appointment.  Lucky me!!

How was your weekend?



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2 responses to “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. Kasey

    Cute shirt Miss B is wearing =)

    Those tortilla bowls look pretty yummy!! What’s in them??? You’ll have to let me know, I’ve been trying to cook more lately (horror I know!!).

    • *Sarah*

      Thanks for the shirt ;o)

      Let’s see…we had some ground turkey that I had browned & seasoned awhile ago and froze. I had cooked 6 lbs of chicken last weekend so I chopped some of that up and threw in some seasonings when I re-heated it. Kieth only used the ground turkey but I threw in both meats. Then chopped up some lettuce & tomatoes. Threw in some shredded cheese & Keith added bacon bits. I think that’s it.

      I also linked to the recipe for the tortilla bowls in the blog post. Super easy!

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