Big Strength in a Small Package

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of my sister Jacqie’s back surgery to correct her scoliosis.  We didn’t know it at the time but this particular surgery is considered one of the most painful from which to recover.  Not too hard to imagine when you consider it involves titanium rods and her spine.  The surgery itself was successful but the recovery was much worse than anyone expected.  Pain meds that didn’t work, caused adverse reactions, inability to keep food down…if there was an obstacle, poor Jacq encountered it.  But all the while, she plugged right through – waiting for the day she could have mashed potatoes!

In honor of this anniversary, I went through and read through all of the posts on the CarePage they set up to keep us updated on her surgery and recovery.  Reading through & reliving those days brought me to tears.  How does someone find the will to keep going when she’s in pain, away from home and nothing goes her way?

I don’t know but she did.  And I hope she knows just how proud we all are of her!!

Jacq & her sweetheart Jake, just 10 weeks after surgery at her graduation open house


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One response to “Big Strength in a Small Package

  1. Jacq

    Well, reading this made me cry. lol. I can’t believe that was only 10 weeks after… worse ten weeks of my life but still.

    Thanks for this Sarah… love you more than anything.

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