B’s First Haircut

This weekend was a new milestone for Miss Munch…her first haircut!

Scruffy McScrufferson before


First lollipop…this can’t be too bad…2010_03070083

I was wrong!!  This is HORRIBLE!!!!2010_03070086

Hey, I look kinda cute!!! Glitter AND a bow!! 2010_03070090 

But that doesn’t mean I’m happy!2010_03070092

I’m getting my prize and getting outta here!!!



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2 responses to “B’s First Haircut

  1. Aunt Diane

    Awww,tough day for Brooke, but the sucker and the adorable new do must surely be worth it. So CUTE!

  2. mom

    OHHHHH—I just love that picture with that yellow toy in her hand. She looks like she is just off far away deep in thought!!! So sweet!
    The one she she is crying in breaks my heart. She has got to be the cutest little thing ever and she’s looking waaaay tooooo grown up. Makes me want to give her a great big squeeze–since I can’t please do it for me.
    I’ve got to get to a computer soon so I can show dad. He won’t believe it.

    Grandma M.

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