You Capture – Faces!!!

I’m going to give this a try!! Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry hosts a weekly photo challenge called You Capture. This week’s theme is Faces. And what face do I capture more than any other?????????

YouCapture 02.04.2010

YouCapture2 02.04.2010

YouCapture3 02.04.2010

I’m looking forward to trying more of these challenges!!




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11 responses to “You Capture – Faces!!!

  1. The cake in the highchair photo is a classic. Love it!

  2. The “cake/highchair” photo is a classic. The messier the better. Love it!

  3. girlsworld

    Absolutely love teh cake picture! You know, none of my 3 wanted to do that. They barely touched the thing. Reckless abandon.

  4. Cutest tutu pic ever! And her cup matches too!

  5. Ohmy! That 1st one takes the cake LOL

  6. Is there a baby behind that cake? LOL! These are great!

  7. WOW – that is some mess!! Love it!! Love the pink and frilly one too 😀

  8. Oh, my! Look at that chocolatey mess!! That’s great!

  9. Oh my god! Love the chocolate explosion shot!

  10. Love that cake picture! Priceless!

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