So nice to be home…sarcasm alert!!

In the past couple months we’ve gotten Brooke into a better sleeping pattern…naps during the day at home and at daycare as well as a later wakeup time. We noticed marked improvement in her moods and all was great. Until recently – in the past week we’ve noticed that she is just happy when she gets home from daycare. It will start when she wants my keys but I don’t let her have them and from there its an almost constant tantrum. I don’t think its that she’s tired but its definitely possible. I don’t think its a call for attention because I make it a point to be almost entirely focused on spending time with her when we get home. I hope we get it figured out soon….

Its disheartening that I get so little time with her during the week and so much of it lately is spent with all 3 of us frustrated.


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