San Antonio, part 1

Once we realized that UH wouldn’t be playing in the Liberty Bowl on Jan 2nd, we started talking about seeing MSU in the Alamo Bowl. The biggest obstacle would be that the game started too late to take Brooke plus we weren’t sure we wanted to tackle a 3 hour road trip with our little Munch. So we were super excited when my friend Rocio offered to watch Brooke that night.

So we quickly booked a hotel room (big thumbs up to Hotwire for another great deal on an awesome hotel!!) and got in touch with Keith’s contact in the MSU ticket office. We were ready!!

Saturday afternoon Rocio came over, loaded up her car with Brooke’s pack n’ play, stroller, hook-on chair and car seat. She had to be wondering what she got herself into at the point! HAH!! Once they were set and on their way, Keith and I hit the road as well.

As anyone who takes a road trip in or through Texas will tell you, if there’s a Buc-ee’s on your way, you HAVE to stop.  And the one on I-10 between Houston & San Antonio is AWESOME!!!

We took our potty breaks, browsed through the shop, and bought our snacks (jalepeno cheddar sesame sticks-our tradition) we were on our way to finish our trek to San Antonio!!!

To be continued….


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