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Wordless Wednesday – Sheed


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Menu Plan – February 14-20

Menu Plan Monday by Orgjunkie.com

I’ll be out of town for a couple days so this week so I feel I should do some planning so I can be assured Keith and Brooke actually eat. Just kidding, Keith does a great job when I’m away. I do intend to keep things pretty simple though.

Monday: College Student Gourmet Pasta (with chicken and broccoli mixed in)

Tuesday: Meatballs over Noodles

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: This is when I’ll be out of town so I’m anticipating leftovers from Monday & Tuesday night, grilled cheese and maybe eating out one night.

Weekend: Mac n’ Cheese (didn’t end up having it last week) & probably an eat out night

It’s shaping up to be a crazy week here already.  What’s on the horizon for you this week?


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Weekly Weigh-In

Again this week I didn’t make it to my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday.  My boss was in town doing annual performance reviews for my team and offered to throw us an impromptu pizza lunch.  So yeah, instead of going to Weight Watchers, I ate pizza.  Luckily, a co-worker is also doing Weight Watchers and others are still feeling the “lose weight” resolution so we went for thin crust veggie.  Only 5 PointsPlus value…woo hoo!!

So I moved my weigh-in day to Thursday this week.  Another success!!  I lost two more pounds for  total of four in two weeks.  This was totally not expected.  I had given myself permission to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with the fun treats that Keith picked up at the store.  Brooke and I shared some gooey enchiladas at Pappasitos with my boss Tuesday night.  The difference from my pre-Weight Watchers days however, was I more thoughtful in how I ate.  I took a peek at the frozen taquitos on Sunday to have an idea what a serving was supposed to be as opposed to what I typically would pile on my plate and plugged that into my Points calculator.  Tuesday night, I didn’t pressure myself to clean my plate and put my fork down when I felt satisfied.  I see myself shifting away from eating out of habit or boredom toward more mindful eating.

I’m not claiming to be an expert weight loss after two weeks.  Rather, I’m just sharing what I’m learn as I go along.  Our meeting topic this week revolved around detecting physical hunger as opposed to emotional hunger.  As I left two things really stuck with me.  One was a task I think would be valuable for just about anyone.

If you tend to eat in response to feelings that aren’t hunger, take  a moment when you’re not feeling one of those things and come up with alternative activities for the next time those feelings crop up.  For example, I tend to eat out of boredom.  So I’m going to decide now that the next time I feel bored, I will pick up a book instead of potato chips.

The second was a quote: “If its not hunger, food won’t fix it”.

What do you think?  Do you tend to eat for reasons other than hunger?  Do you have a strategy to keep from doing it?


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5 Things I Would Have Never Guessed About Potty Training

Brooke has been in the process of potty training for about 6 months now. We’re pretty laid back about it but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our share of frustrations with it. Which leads me to:

5 Things I Would Have Never Guessed About Potty Training

  1. It can be just as messy as diapers. I don’t know what made me think that the mere shift from a diaper to a pull-up would make changing time any cleaner.  It’s not.
  2. Speaking of pull-ups….why exactly are they more expensive than regular diapers?  And they don’t seem to ever be part of my favorite deal at Babies R Us that gives you gift cards when you buy jumbo boxes.  I’d been planning to build a stash of cloth diapers for our next baby and started early so that we can cloth diaper at home and only buy pull-ups for school.
  3. You spend a lot more time on the bathroom floor. I seriously didn’t clock this much time sitting on the bathroom floor since my morning sickness and college party days combined.  Nothing prepared me for the fact that Brooke was going to view her potty time as a social event.  Heaven knows I’m waiting until I can go uninterrupted again!!
  4. Public bathrooms are even more disgusting. They were bad before but I didn’t think about it much.  Now that I find myself squeezing into a stall with Brooke, holding her on the seat, trying to get her re-dressed with minimal floor-touching,  hoisting her up to the sink to wash her hands I am in a continuous .  Icky Icky!!  When we remember to bring it along, this portable potty seat is really handy though!
  5. How many times we’ d have to interrupt dinner to race her to the potty. Really, how does her body clock seem to know when I’ve just taken a huge bite and she’s just stuck her hands in cottage cheese?

I realize potty training is just a phase and this too shall pass.  Until then, I gotta keep my sense of humor about it all, right?


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